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Friday, April 15, 2011

International Trade Fair for Machine Vision to See Debut of Medical Technology Parcours

By John Otrompke

April 28, 2011

The 24th annual International Trade Fair for Machine Vision will see the debut of a special track for health care vision technology, October 8 to 10, in Stuttgart, Germany.

“We do this for the first time, as we recognized an increased demand for this topic, both exhibitor-wise and visitor-wis,e in our yearly survey over the last 2 years,” said Florian Niethammer, VISION Project Manager. “In our annual exhibitor and visitor survey, we asked the exhibitors, ‘Which are the visitor sectors that you want to have at VISION?’ and the medical device sector was the fifth largest group” in terms of demand, Niethammer added.

Possible factors leading to the increased demand include the greater need for quality in the health care sector, as well as the fact that health care industry is more stable and recession-proof than other industries.

“By ‘parcours,’ we want to express that there is not a centralized special stand for the medical technology topic at VISION 2011,” Niethammer explained.

The medical sector came in fifth, behind machine vision, mechanical engineering, the automotive supply industry, and the automotive industry, in terms of demand, he added.

Last year at the conference, 8% of 6,752 visitors said that they were in the medical device industry, compared to 13% in 2009, according to Niethammer. The change amounted to an actual decrease in the number of attendees from the health care sector.

Last year’s show included 323 exhibitors and an exhibition area of around 20,000 square meters.

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